Slitti Assorted Mini Tavolette

Andrea Slitti is considered one of the most important artisan chocolate makers in the world. His skill and artistry have led him to win the most prestigious international chocolate competitions, amassing an enviable list of gold medals. His product line is found in the most prestigious stores in over 25 countries worldwide.

  • Mini Tavolette Chocolate Bars are smaller versions of the very chocolates that have helped Slitti solidify their stellar reputation.
  • Each gift box contains an assortment of 10-gram bars of Slitti's single-origin, Gran Cacao blends, and Latte Nero milk chocolate lines.
  • Included are two bars each of: Giamaica, Madagascar, Venezuela, 73% Gran Cacao, 82% Gran Cacao, 100% Gran Cacao, 51% Latte Nero, and 45% Latte Nero.
  • Each gift box contains 16 (10 gr) Mini Tavolette Assorted Chocolate Bars by Slitti.


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