Kleinood De Boerin Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Product of Stellenbosch, South Africa

SA Olive Awards 2015


A herby nose of green grass, rocket and green tomatoes. Ample, full and silky in the mouth. An intense, fragrant oil with hints of artichoke and walnut and a well-balanced sweet and peppery aftertaste.

The handpicked, cold-pressed, unfiltered Extra Virgin oil is bottled on Kleinood Farm in 500ml bottles. The bottles are labeled by hand. The date of bottling and the number of each individual bottle appear on the back label.

Excellent with crostini, fresh summer salads, roasted vegetables and boiled new potatoes. The unique intensity and peppery after-taste of de Boerin, adds a lovely flavour to melanzane, Caprese salads, fresh artichokes, roasted chicken and red meat dishes.

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