Flor de Cana 18 Year old Rum

Produced in Nicaragua

750ml / 40% ABV

An 18-year old, ultra-premium rum that is full-bodied with a brilliant amber color. Exquisite aromas of nuts, caramel, flavor of intense vanilla and spices, with a long and extra smooth finish. Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, with a peel of orange.

A luxurious golden rum from celebrated Nicaraguan distillers Flor de Cana, aged for 18 years in small white oak casks. Marvelously mellow stuff, with notes of nuts, caramel, vanilla and spice followed by a lingering finish.

  • Appearance: orangey copper with glints of burnished gold.
  • Nose: unctuous, refined. The opening is characterised by pipe tobacco, spice bread, fresh fruit (peach, apricot, orange) and rose petals. It gradually becomes spicier (cardamom, cinnamon) and more exotic (mango, banana). Next, it shifts into a more balsamic register (mustard seed).
  • Palate: creamy, silky. Boasting incredible delicacy, it feels as light as air. The white peaches and apricots of the nose are coated in a chocolatey layer with a hint of praline and lime blossom honey. Voluptuous, it is reminiscent of a rum baba. Earthy (moss, lichen), the fruity backbone of the olfactory and gustatory palette that has been present from the very beginning remains intact.
  • Overall: silky, lingering on notes of tobacco and heady flowers (carnations). As delicate-feeling as ever, if a little drier. Liquorice and caramel gradually coat the taste buds. The retro-nasal olfaction here is a combination of fruit, dried flowers, coriander and oak. The empty glass is syrupy, floral (hyacinth, peony) and milky

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Type: Rum

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