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Winemaker Notes

Dom Ruinart 2009 is a very pretty pale yellowish green with silvery reflections.The rather subtle, elegant nose presents a very fresh fruity palate, mixed with floral notes: citron (a very sweet citrus fruit), stone fruit (nectarine and yellow plums), and just ripe white fruit with linden and lily-of-the-valley providing floral notes. The nose continues to develop into a fresh floral register, peppered with several “green” spicy notes.

On the palate, these very fresh, delicate notes are found, completed by lightly toasted, brioche aromas, so very typical of the Dom Ruinart style. The 2009 vintage expresses itself in a very gentle, elegant, airy equilibrium, giving a natural sweetness highlighted by a particularly low dosage. The finale offers delightful citrus fruit notes giving a silky, refreshing acidity.

Dishes combining a silky texture and sweet freshness go best with the equilibrium of Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs 2009. Whitefish or poached shellfish seasoned with herbs, citrus fruit zest and accompanied by a creamy element (cauliflower mousseline, fennel purée, etc.) will provide a delightful pairing.