Discovery Boxes

Aromatic Whites

Our Discovery Boxes are a great way to try a new varietal or to simply stick with something you know and love!

The six bottles will be packed in one of our beautiful wooden boxes, wrapped and ribboned and ready for you to collect, or we will deliver it to you, free of charge

Included is an information sheet (or cheat sheet), with a description of each wine and which food to pair it with.  Impress everyone at your next dinner party!

What perfume are you wearing? ooh that smells nice… 

Fragrant, scented, perfumed. No matter what word you use they all describe the beautiful aromatic wines of the world. Aromatic grape varieties are ones which are characterized by intense florals, and spices. These aroma compounds are called ‘Terpenes’ and ‘Monoterpenes’ and they are the same aroma found in flowers!.. but let’s back up a minute.

There are many different grapes, different winemaking techniques and different styles of wine, and some aromatic grapes can be made to be less aromatic, just as non-aromatic grapes can be made to bring out more aromas (such as Chardonnay made in Chablis). There are, however, a set few varietals which are the core of the aromatic wine family. These are; Riesling,  Gewurtztraminer, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Viognier, Muscat, and Torrontes. Off-dry styles pair fantastically with spicy food, the botrytis affected wines give you a honeysuckle and marmalade character, crispy dry styles are fantastic with fresh seafood, sushi, and shellfish. Traditionally these styles of wine are fermented in stainless steel to preserve and emphasize the fresh fruit character. Their structures give them the bones to stand up to a lot of cuisines, but they are also fantastic to drink on their own as an aperitif to begin the night or day!

Torrontes hails from Argentina, Gewurtztraminer was made famous in Alsace, and the amazingly age-worthy Riesling find its origins from Germany, but that doesn’t mean they cannot grow in most climates around the world. However these grapes do love stony soils, high altitude and latitude to provide them with the proper environment (cool nights and daytimes warmth) they need to ripen with their trademark bright minerality and fresh acidity. Think mountains, hillsides and just picture the view with you delve into the world of aromatic wines.

1. Pegasus Bay, Bel Canto 2014 - Riesling (dry)

Riesling can range from bone-dry to lusciously sweet. This botrytis affected Riesling is dry, following the same flavour profiles of a dry Auslese from Germany. This is a complex wine with stone fruits like nectarine and white peach, citrus such as lime and mandarin, floral notes of honeysuckle and orange blossom, with spicy hints of ginger lingering with its long finish. A powerful, crispy and zesty wine to drink now or cellar for another 5-10 years.

Food Pairing: Enjoy with Jamon and fig jam, pork chops and with apple or on its own.

2. Domaine Gustave Lorentz, Evidence 2017 - Pinot Gris

Not only is this wine biodynamic and vegan-friendly, but it has a beautiful strong aroma of white flowers, white stone fruit with a hint of sweet spice. Dry, fresh and focused, this wine has a driven minerality which will linger on your palate.

Food Pairing: This wine would be happy against fresh seafood, salads, white meats, and spaghetti alla vongole. This fresh bouquet doesn’t fight the fruit and structure but amplifies the freshness of the wine and the food alongside it.

3. Principe, Cesar 2016 - Sauvignon Blanc and Verdejo

This barrel fermented wine boasts a powerful nose of passionfruit, citrus, and nectarine. Grapefruit and lemon peel dominate the citrus spectrum with lime in the background. A hint of vanilla plays with hazelnut and white flowers.

Food Pairing: Refreshing, with bright acidity, and a long finish, this is one for a hot summer day, by the pool or with eggs royal, eggs benedict, or quinoa salad.

4. Sutherland 2017 - Riesling (off-dry)

Off-dry does not mean sweet, on the spectrum of dry to sweet wines off-dry is about 3 out of 10, 10 being lusciously sweet. Kiwi, lime, white peach and flowers on the nose and refreshing acidity on the palate to balance out the residual sugar. This wine will benefit from aging to bring out the honeysuckle but can be enjoyed now with seafood or spicy dishes.

Food Pairing: The sweetness balances out chili, so try it with some dumplings in chili oil, or Szechuan shrimps.

5. Domaine Gustave Lorentz, Evidence 2017 - Gewurztraminer

One of the most aromatic grapes out there, this Gewurtz boasts a powerful nose of pear, lemon, and spice. This intensity follows through onto a slightly oily palate which gives this wine a lingering mouthfeel. Yellow and white flowers with a hint of honey place nicely along with the fruit.

Food Pairing: Enjoy with equally aromatic dishes such as Thai curry, ginger stirfry fish, or lemongrass and wonton soup. 

6. Survivor, Offspring 2017 - Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier

Papaya, and citrus and white flowers on the nose, the palate follows through with riper tropical fruits and zesty acidity. Viognier bringing a medium body to this blend and Chenin adding a kick of apple and orchard fruit, the sauvignon keeps the wine bright and fresh.

Food Pairing: With a Chablis-like minerality, this blend is a great aperitif or enjoy with wahoo ceviche, salmon tartar or a chicken Cesar salad.

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